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the selection of over 30 inspiring visual stories on environmentalism 

«The Most Important Comic Book on Earth: Stories to Save the World» is a global collaboration that brings together over 300 leading environmentalists, artists, authors, actors, filmmakers, musicians, and drag performers to present over 120 inspiring visual stories on environmentalism.Released in October 2021, the book focuses on climate and biodiversity crisis.  In exclusivity for the Catalyst2030 CCW, a selection of over 30 comics from the book are used to create a 3D exhibition online. Overall, the project aims to raise awareness about environmentalism and inspire action towards creating a better world using artists as wonderful storytellers as contributors to the SDG13 #Climate Action.

Produced by Elizabeth Markevitch|IkonoTV, Paul Goodenough | Rewriting Extinction

Sara Cerreto | Ikonospace. 


Sci-Art Expeditions to the Galapagos Islands researching coral resilience. 

The online exhibition occupies three rooms and presents documentation of Paul Rosero Contreras’ ongoing project Dark Paradise, an artistic and scientific research held out in the Galápagos Islands. The project brings together marine biologists and artists in a intimate collaboration tackling environmental issues in regards of preserving Life below Water, which is contextualized within UN’s Sustainable Development Goals 2030. 

After various expeditions in the Pacific Ocean, Dark Paradise focuses on life after crisis and shows hope and resilience in the form of a coral reef restoration initiative, as well as proofs of corals adapting to ocean acidification in the depths of an underwater active volcano.

Produced by Paul Rosero Contreras | Dos Islas Estudios, Anna Shvets | TAtchers’ Art Management, Margarita Brandt, Nicolas Davalos | Reef Revival, Vladimir Opredelenov | .ART domains, Sara Cerreto | Ikonospace.


360 Environment of the School of  (Im)Possible. 

Arctic Lighthouse 360° Fictional Environment which holds the Impossible library and  Massami Alamair working station in a collapsed future. Immerse yourself in the futuristic  “Arctic Lighthouse” in 2027. The (Im)Possible Library stems from the project School of the (Im)Possible: a live immersive experience that we have been delivering since 2021 in schools in Brazil and Scotland: time-traveling bookshelves appear in classrooms, filled with mysterious still-to-be-written books from the future. Guided by these interactive bookshelves and a digital platform, the participants are invited to join an (im)possible mission:  “to re-write the future with sustainable solutions.”

Created by Francine Kliemann and Platô Cultural Team in collaboration with 

Simon Sharkey | The Necessary Space