Social Impact

About ArtSI 


A working group on the topic of the intersection of art and social impact. The group is investigating art as a tool to give communities and people opportunities to express, grow and develop, bringing art as a topic to the table in the SDG discussions. 



Working on the pre-and misconceptions around art and its meaning in society.  (e.g. Advocacy for funders: funders are shying away from art projects If they hear about a project that works with art & education, the same project will be most likely to be funded if it is called an "education project" and barely receive support if called an "art-project".) There are many layers to this issue. 


Elizabeth Markevitch 

ikonoTV, Germany 

Thomas Haselböck 

be.modos / The Pink House, Germany 

Anna Shvets 

Art Ambassadors, TAtchers’ Art Management, Ecuador 

Francine Kliemann 

Platô Cultural,  Brazil 

Ghufran Abudayyeh 

Catalyst 2030, Jordan 

Simon Sharkey 

 The Necessary Space, Scotland 

Lynnet Njeru 

 The Umundu Artivism, Kenia 

Francisco Alcala 

Homestorytellers, Mexico 

Gabriela Arenas de Meneses  fundaciontaap, Colombia 

Marcia Donadel 

Platô Cultural,  Brazil 

Vladimir Opredelenov 

 .ART Domains, Art Ambassadors, Culture Caravan, SDG.ART, Uzbekistan 

Lubna Dajani

Allternet, USA 

Current activities

ArtSI Online Exhibition 

“ART catalyzing CHANGE”

A 3D online gallery exhibition showing ArtSI members’ initiatives and collaborations addressing UN SDGs - Climate Action, Life below Water and Quality Education. The exhibition is presented online and open for viewing 24/7 until May 10, 2023. The audience will be invited to visit 3 online spaces:


🖥COMICS TO SAVE THE WORLD | the selection of over 30 inspiring visual stories on environmentalism.

🖥  DARK PARADISE | Sci-Art Expeditions to the Galapagos Islands researching coral resilience.

🖥  (IM)POSSIBLE LIBRARY | 360 Environment of the School of  (Im)Possible.

Past activities

ArtSI launch event 

May, 1, 4PM CEST. 

We are launching officially during Catalysing Change Week (CCW) 2023 - the world’s largest event initiated by Catalyst 2030 - a global network of social innovators and entrepreneurs working together to achieve the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.

During this session we will present the concept and mission of our group, share the members’ initiatives and cross-sectoral collaborations, offer engagement opportunities as well as invite the audience to the other ArtSI interactive events during CCW23. Collectively we will explore questions such as – How do we break down silo thinking with creative and artistic approaches and processes? How do we use arts and creative industries to think out of the box and deliver action and activity?


May, 3, 4PM CEST. 

During CCW 2023 we offer a very practical session where we will present case studies of cross-sectoral collaboration exploring how art and creative industry can contribute to decision-making and on-ground implementation of solutions for the SDGs.

💡 Case study #1 – SDG* 3 - Good Health and Well-Being
Art as a tool for health and well-being globally - Elizabeth Markevitch (ikonoTV) in conversation with Isabelle Wachsmuth @WorldHealthOrganization. Art and culture streaming platform, ikonoTV, has partnered with the World Health Organization's Art Impact for Health and SDGs Initiative and the Global Social Prescribing Alliance to promote the use of art as a powerful tool for health and well-being globally.

💡 Case study #2 - SDG 4 - Quality Education
“School of the (Im)Possible - Greening the Curriculum through a play-based learning approach”. @FrancineKliemann @PlatôCultural and Simon Sharkey @theatre_of_opportunity The Necessary Space in conversation with Ana Carolina Farias de Souza, Department of Education of São José (Santa Catarina, Brazil) and Barbara Gray @Education Scotland (UK) about the potential for transforming education through arts and creativity.

💡 Case study #3 - SDG 14 - Life Below Water
Anna Shvets @TAtchersArtManagement & @ArtAmbassadors in conversation with Paul Rosero @paulroseroc multimedia artist, researcher and Margarita Brandt @maggy_brandt Marine Ecologist. To show how Artists and Scientists can collaborate on research embracing coral reef restoration.

* SDGs. The 2030 UN Agenda listed 17 “Sustainable Development Goals” in order to eradicate poverty and realize a sustainable world.